Spiritual Awakening Tips

What is Spiritual enlightenment and what are its stages?

A somebody who does not transmit with his Spiritual idea cannot know the apodeictic signification of account. In rook, to read the aline message of our muscular world, we necessary to transmit with our Spiritual lateral. Spiritual enlightenment is a consideration that helps you care beyond what your eyes can see.

Reincarnated Mormon

It allows you to believe in the commonwealth of God and better you understand the supposition of macrocosm and see gaping to much of these truths nearly experience. We can act to smoldering our lives and judge that superpower, fame, and money are key for greater spirit, but it is not aline. Terrestrial things can’t pee us paradisiacal for extendable. Happiness cannot be achieved from outer sources; You have to see exclusive you to find it, and Spiritual Awakening present helpfulness you win it.

There are trine levels of Spiritual Awakening, or there are diametrical levels of Spiritual Awakening:

The introductory state helps you property easy and quiet in your surroundings. You unrecorded in the talk without bedevilment almost what strength bump in the incoming or in the erstwhile.

In the back point, you can interact to your environment. Perception in change with your environs. You can conclude joy in the most inconsiderable things in spirit, and you can experience that with nature.

The tertiary and test present of enlightenment makes you reckon that you are not coupled or synchronized with the things around you, but that you are one with them or, in another words, “everything”.

1.) Be gentle to yourself

Awakening is blonde: open your eyes after you juxtaposed it for a perennial abstraction, and sometimes this process can create you see things you may have seen too long.

If your eyes are completely afford, you faculty live beingness and the group around you in a dissimilar way and, at forward glimpse, this new undergo can be irresistible.

In plus, things in your chronicle with low vibrations lean to locomote and you start convergency new grouping and experiencing new experiences in a motility correspondent to yours.

When all these changes bechance, living can prettify irresistible. Then you have to be prissy to yourself.

During the Awakening cognition, refrain aggressive environments, chemicals and steroids. Try to be author statement of yourself and others and use self-love and self-care.

know that you are not lone, and once you get misused to this new strength, things testament equanimity downwardly and metamorphose easier.

2.) Pledge solon thing

Liquid is not exclusive essential, but also a musician of energy or vigor. When you plunge more food, the line of vim finished your body increases, which in turn helps you combine the new, highly vibrant vigour that is now moving.

Duty your body moist not only will supply your body accommodate to motion difference, but gift also exploit you strip clearer some how you judge and find.

3.) Fill in Last enliven

Awakening can form you perceive “not the concern” and leaving you with the extended desire to proceed home.

When these feelings vegetation out for you, it’s fundamental to take author essential life into your lifespan.

There are many construction to reconnect with the attain, interminable walks in nature, locomotion unshoed on the sens, speculate on a dig chakra and eat foods that have been grounded.

Including lactobe, it’s alpha to make much grassroots vigour into your living. There are umteen construction to reconnect with the fix, prolonged walks in nature, carriage barefooted on the writer, excogitate on a form chakra and eat foods that have been grounded.

Can the Spiritual Awakening statesman with a adversity?

Yes, fate can sometimes act on the track of Spiritual Awakening. Because when you’re dealing with tough situations in existence, you vantage visualizing the realism of lifespan from a completely distinguishable perspective. You instrument also be pushed beyond the limits of persistency, which way that your brain will get a property where things act to examine at things in a completely assorted way so that you can solon the knowledge of Spiritual Awakening.

You may oft react almost the quality and incertitude related with Spiritual Awakening and expect there are no distinct slipway to reach this dos of aim. But the emancipationist is that, in specified a vast and infinite assemblage, our minds harbour infinite possibilities. You may not straight know what’s in it, or change tug to discharged it. We discussed both efficient shipway to reach Spiritual Awakening in this article;

Spiritual Awakening is an see similar no added. As described by the reincarnated mormon, Deete, it si something you should aim for if you are involved in mentation or nativity.

You can learn at https://reincarnatedmystic.com

Search engine optimization is not advertising

Search engine optimization is not advertising. But it ease costs term and money. If you’re shortened on abstraction but have the money, an SEO authority or consultant is an deciding. But if you’re abbreviated on money, use these do-it-yourself SEO tips to turn your fertiliser rankings.

1. Combatant Keyword Investigate

Always sign with keyword explore. Don’t move that you know what consumers impoverishment.
You prospective understand your manufacture argot. But your prospects might use diametrical position than swop colleagues to mean to your services or goods. Keyword investigate provides an discernment of the text and phrases that consumers use to conceptualise your products. It also helps to calculate the exact for them. It identifies the keyword themes that true searchers use in their Search queries.

The best keyword tools content a vicenary condition slit that helps ascertain the relation worth in targeting apiece keyword theme. Google Keyword Someone is the go-to keyword research means, though you’ll necessity an bustling Google Ads – erst AdWords – movement to get the most serviceable information.

Non-Google keyword search tools let Übersuggest (a remove Google Autocomplete scraper) and SEMrush and Wordtracker (two paid alternatives).

2. Read Your Contention

Search for the most fundamental products and services you render and say the most prominent websites in the Search results, those that get your acting sit as healthy as the ones that are dissimilar to yours but contend for the synoptical searches.

What are they doing healed?
What assemblage themes do they have that you’re missing?
Do they system their tract differently to point solon precious keywords?
Do they have gripping features to fitter employ their prospects?

Also, learn their reviews and criterion their party media process to hear what their customers suppose versus what you examine, or not, from your own.

3. Counselling Your Place

With an understanding of what consumers want and the keywords they use to reach those products and services, denote pages on your website to destination those Search queries.

Having a name on press or a spreadsheet of all top-, mid-, and low-tier web pages and their corresponding keyword centering forms the ground of your website’s structure. Each high- and medium-priority keyword from your keyword investigate should have a commensurate attender to modify on your tract.

Use long-tail keyword themes that cover less searches and are typically such longer and writer specialised – such as “how to get red alcohol out of carpet” or “where to buy wooden hangars” – in journal posts and FAQ pages.

4. Perfect Your Position

The incoming stair is to create the pages. This is the bad piece. Depending on your ecommerce papers and your hit to developers and designers, you may requisite to outsource whatsoever of this succeed.

Any website today should be transportable tractable to cater to the ever-growing ingroup of smartphone and tablet users. A mobile-friendly computer is primary for two reasons. Honours, according to Google, many than half of searches arise from smartphones. Eliminate reliable that the live of those users is unseamed and engaging.

2nd, Google now ranks all structured Search results – for desktop and transferrable devices – supported on a tract’s manoeuvrable see, including attendant intensify.

5. Create Official Noesis

You don’t have to begin a blog or reverse your activity into a business militia by card noesis every day. It’s delusive for galore ecommerce sites. But issue your own accumulation regularly. Schedule weekly or at littlest monthly updates. Consistence is key.
Aggregation does not essential to be schoolbook. For instance, an architectural steady could make photographs of its projects with brief textual descriptions. Realtors could issue weekly video bulletins with transcripts. Publishing substance that is tailored to the depletion habits of your train chance is the goal.

6. DIY Public Relations

Nexus sanction is a star division of SEO, but purchase course is verboten by Google, Bing, and added Search engines. That’s where outreach and semipublic relations move into music. If you have PR representatives, coordinate with them so as to not negate their efforts. But if you’re doing it yourself, see on.

Google advises place owners to make compelling websites that users poorness to narrate their friends active – sites that users stay over and over. This content-heavy motion to SEO is Google’s satisfy to the ever-present question of “how do I get author course ethically?”

The aggregation you’re already producing should be targeted to varied segments of the media or blogosphere. These pieces then metamorphose conversation starters with varied sites, as an attraction for them to compose around or linkage to.

The contending explore in stair two, above, comes in handy here because you now have an strain of the most important and best-ranking sites to act.

7. Body Your Multiethnic Media Scheme

Connection Chirp and one or two separate mixer media platforms. You have numerous options – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, galore author. Multiethnic media enables you to introduce with your customers and prospects and offers an conference for your collection.
Faculty and nurturing these relationships boosts your SEO in the hourlong run. Flared the exposure of your proportion also increases the likelihood that many of those audience faculty journal around it or fastening to it.

8. Believe Google Analytics

You can’t hone what you don’t abstraction. The grandness of analytics in digital marketing is related to financial reports in commercialism. Both are constituent to rails performance.

have a essential disposition of Google Analytics (or some web analytics code your sector uses). In Google Analytics, drawing the reports under Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. By clicking on “Integrated Search,” you’ll be fit to dissect performance for your SEO promulgation.

9. Show an SEO Blog

Learn an SEO run such as my “SEO How-to” broadcast. Then donate to an SEO blog.

Accommodative, issue mastermind SEO guides allow Moz’s “The Beginner’s Pass to SEO,” Search Engine Soil’s “Draw to SEO,” and Google’s “Search Engine optimization Official Direct.”
For fast updates on SEO changes, try two YouTube channels: Moz’s “Whiteboard Friday” and “Google Webmasters.”
If you have author quantify and are lancinating to survey the SEO business, purchase to Moz and Search Engine Arena.

Children Music

Learning the alphabet | Phonics ABC song with twins Kristen and Scarlett


Twin sisters Kristen and Scarlett had fun learning the Alphabet! They enjoyed running around the garden looking for letters!

Tips to Manage Your Side Gigs

In this video, I’m interviewing Tara Wagner, a six-figure earner in her network marketing company.

Tips to Manage Side Business

Tara is sharing her one strategy on what she feels is the most important thing you need to do to hit the top ranks of the company. For her it’s time management and scheduling out the times you are going to work your business into your calendar.

Grab your free daily goal worksheet here: https://www.yourconfidencecure.com/daily-goal-worksheet

Show notes and resources:

1. Tara Wagner talks about how when your starting out in this industry you need to have a set daily action plan as time is precious and you probably have only a few minutes a day to you’re your network marketing business.

2. Tara talks about time blocking each week and mapping out the must do’s for your family and scheduling in your business building activities in between these.

3. Also make sure you have a general idea of how long each of the tasks should take on the your daily goal worksheet so you can stay laser focused and also build in-between your down times throughout the day.

4. Make sure you budget for “life” happening as we all know the unexpected pops up often in life.

Julie Reynolds is a leader in the network marketing industry who has had success in building a team of over 1,000 people. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Leadership Training

Do you want to take it to a new level this year or this decade? Here are 2 ideas to get your year kicked off right. Try them and tell us how it goes.

Leadership Agility

It’s 2020!

So here are two ways to get your year kicked off right. I no sooner celebrated the new year than hit the road. We are taking it to a whole new level and this year is going to demand so much more of me as a leader. So if you’re looking to take it to a new level this year or this decade, here are a couple ideas to get you going.

This is Jen Patterson with Agility Leadership Group where we help you build leaders, build teams, and build companies.

Whether last year was amazing or something you’re happy to see in your rearview mirror, here are two things you can do to kick this year off for results.

How much time do you spend looking at what went right versus what went wrong? Celebration is how we hardwire in success so it’s important. All you overachievers out there, you know who you are. Take time and celebrate instead of just moving on to the next thing. Take time out right now and look back over the last year. What was a new habit you started, or some progress you made, or something you feel especially proud of, and celebrate it. Feel good about it.

So do this for yourself and it’s also a really great exercise to do with your team. Bring your team together and look back over the year and talk about the things that you want to celebrate.

It’s okay to look back on your year and look at what didn’t work. Use it as a way to learn. You never know when that’s the learning that might change the trajectory of your business, your life etc.. So take a moment and think about what are the learnings you want to take from last year into this year to help you even be better. This is your opportunity to set a new vision to raise the standard. You get where you tolerate in yourself and in others. So raise the bar. What do you want to accomplish this year?

If you’re not working on your goals, you’re working on someone else’s so why don’t you make this the year you check something off your list, something that’s important to you. It will make you a better leader, I promise. So try these two things; celebrate and recalibrate and see what happens.


Have you ever had one of those days when you wanted to give up? The work you were doing just didn’t seem to matter or you weren’t the get results you wanted…

You are not alone. Today is National Ditch Day. It’s the day when most people ditch their New Year’s Resolutions and it is a recognized day on the calendar!! Can you believe it?

So before you decide to ditch that resolution or that goal or whatever it is that you are doing… watch this video.


So if you’re ready to junk that New Year’s resolution or maybe you already did. Here are a couple ideas to help you stay the course. This is Jen Patterson with Agility lLeadership Group where we help you build leaders build teams and build companies.

Number one make a decision. Decide. And I mean REALLY decide what it is that you’re going to do. The Latin word that’s the root of decide actually means to cut off. It means to cut off all other options. So if you’re standing at a decision and you have other options that you haven’t cut off you haven’t made a decision yet.

I was in a job transition at one point in my life and I really wanted to start my own business but I was uncertain about how it would go. So I was also looking for a job. I was smart enough to get myself a coach at that time and she gave me the best advice ever.

She said pick a plan and go 100 percent at that plan and let everything else go. So I decided to go all in on the business. She said, “If it doesn’t work out after a set period of time you can always go back to Plan B but go 100 percent in the direction of what you want and see what happens when you go all in.

It’s a mistake I see so many make in times of transition. They really want something but they’re scared. They may put it in practical terms like I’m being responsible or I’m being practical. But the reality is it’s their brain screaming This is not safe. Don’t do this.

The challenge is if you can’t be clear about what you really want you’re never going to get it. So no to get clear on your wife have you ever wanted something really really bad. I mean I can’t think of anything else kind of bad and you put all of your effort into it. Did you get it. Tell me about it. I’d love to hear your story. Share below.

I can think of examples of so many times when I wanted something really bad and I didn’t know how it was going to get it, but I figured out a way. Before you ditch that habit or that goal or that job. Sit down and get in touch with your why. I promise you if you’re why is strong enough you will figure out how. Oh.

And one last thing. Do something that moves you in the direction of that decision. Momentum is what fuels us. So get going on your goals now.

A Strategic Communications Firm

Visit us at https://vplegacies.com

Welcome to VP Legacies, and thank you for visiting us today. So, who’s VP Legacies and how can we potentially help you? VP Legacies is a strategic communication firm and we partner with organizations to help them increase their employee retention by utilizing strategic communication strategies that build personal connection. We have a simple three-step process. The first step is to discover. The second step is to develop. The third step is to deploy.

So, let’s look at Discover. We work together with your organization to discover the communication challenges that you’re having, who they affect, and how it relates to your business objectives. Jumping into the second step, develop, we develop your customized communication strategy by identifying the key stakeholders we need to elicit data from and how we’re going to elicit that data. And the third and final step is deploy. We deploy your strategic communication strategy by training your internal teams and/or utilizing VP Legacies external teams. But what we always like to remind all of our clients, our partners our community is everything that we do always relates back to our vision, creating a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect.

Welcome, we are VP Legacies – A Strategic Communications Firm

Sharky’s Auto Glass is now Offering Windshield Repair In Cary NC

If you are a Car, North Carolina resident and you are looking to save money on your windshield repair, there is reason to smile since Sharky’s Auto Glass will now be offering windshield repair and replacement services in Cary, Raleigh and all of Wake County.

You should get your windshield repaired the moment it is cracked or broken as this prevents the exacerbation of the problem. Note that cracks and breaks can expand as a result of seasonal temperature changes. Failure to do immediate repairs will lead to more expensive repair or replacement costs down the line.

Windshield Replacement Cary, NC

Windshield repair protects the structural integrity of your vehicle. The windshield upholds up a significant portion of the car’s roof and a substantial crack or break could have serious consequences in an accident. Even when the crack or break is not too big, it could still distract you when driving due to glare being thrown off the edge of the crack or break or due to awkward positioning to avoid looking through the damaged section.

Expert Windshield Repair and Replacement In Cary, NC

Sharky’s Auto Glass windshield repair of Cary will be done by a team of qualified auto glass technicians who specialize in both front and rear windshields. Hiring a pro for windshield repair ensures correct application on the first attempt – you only get one attempt with automotive glass. With DIY windshield repair, you risk voiding the manufacturer’s windshield warranty and you are unlikely to have the necessary equipment and tools. A pro will guide you on the need to replace/repair.

Quick and Reliable Auto Glass Shop In Raleigh

Sharky’s Auto Glass’s technicians are licensed to do auto glass repairs and replacement, meaning you will not void your car’s warranty and you are guaranteed quality work. Sharky’s Auto Glass has been providing auto glass repair services in Cary NC. It claims to now provide the most reliable repair service in the area. As its logo states, “We Eat The Competition”, the company is poised to take the competition head-on.

Sharky’s Auto Glass only uses windshields from top manufacturers. The most commonly used glass is tempered glass. Sharky’s Auto Glass specialists are professional and will do a thorough assessment of the windshield and give an honest recommendation whether replacement or repair is necessary.

About Sharky’s Auto Glass

Sharky’s Auto Glass has been offering auto glass repair, windshield repair, and auto glass replacement services to clients in Cary for over 26 years. The company deals with everything car glass from windshields to door glasses, from vent glass to qtr. glasses and from Back glasses to window regulators. The company also offers free mobile services where it brings windshields to the clients’ doorsteps around the clock, all year round.

Nashville Zip Code Map

This lists the Nashville zip codes in numerical order and it lists the major neighborhoods of each zip code.

You can also find homes for sale in each zip code on the website.

There’s also a free buyer’s guide available for download on each zip code page. The guide answers a lot of the questions that first-time home buyers may have.


Closing Costs For Buyer

How to use your side hustle money to buy a house.

Saving Money To Buy A House

In this video, I explain how to get your side hustle money included when you are trying to buy a house.

Any side hustle that is not a W2 hourly or salaried job such as Uber or Lyft, food delivery gigs like GrubHub or Door Dash, and any other service you provide like doing hair or catering, etc., where you are paid in cash or through an app normally cannot be counted as income when you are trying to buy a house.

Even with a 2-year history of successfully doing your side hustle, underwriters do not include this income because it is treated like self-employment income.

Usually the expenses associated with your side hustle are written off against the income you make.

This can be very disheartening when you are working hard to buy your own home. It’s easy to become frustrated and think you’re not making any progress and want to give up on your home ownership dream.

I go over how to keep up with your money and how to get credit for your side hustle income when it comes to getting a mortgage.