Rap Francais

Underground Hip Hop, Rap, Horrocore | Co-founder of “Swollen Members”

For Fans of: Swollen Members, Dilated People, Rocksteady Crew, La Coka Nostra, Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz

Rap Francais

Né à Vancouver, le rappeur Shane Bunting est plus connu sous le nom de Madchild, le membre fondateur de ” Swollen Members “. Son groupe de Hip-Hop gagne en succès dans les années 2000 et remporte de nombreux prix. Après plusieurs années d’addiction aux drogues, Madchild réapparaît en 2009. Il entame sa carrière solo et publie sa première mixtape “M.A.D.E” (Misguided Angel Destroys Everything). Son second album “Lawn Mower Man” atteint les charts de Billboard 200. En 2015 son 3ème album “Silver Tongue Devil ” est dans le top 3 des charts canadiens. Enfin ” The Darkest Hour “, dernière œuvre sortie en 2017 fait débuter sa tournée Européenne, ce qui l’amènera à Fri-Son le 04 mai 2018!

Zaïan est un MC d’origine marocaine et kurde, né en Suisse-Romande. Il grandit dans le quartier populaire de “Schoenberg” peupler de plus de 18’000 habitants provenants de 170 nationalitées différentes. Très vite, Zaïan consacre beaucoup de temps à la musique. Il écoute très jeune des artistes tels que : Reciprock, Alliance Etnique, Mc solaar, IAM, NTM. Du côté du rap US: Fugees, Nas, Mobb Deep, 2pac, Dre, Wu-Tang…

Il vit dans une époque spéciale qu’il définit comme: “La période clef pour plein de jeunes”. Les artiste qu’il écoute lui font très vite comprendre que ce qu’ils récitent reflète vraiment la realitée de ce que l’on peut vivre étant issu d’un quartier populaire.

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Melody Songs

Watch the video song “Evare Evarere” from Telugu webseries “Arere Manasa” starring Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Kumar Kasaram, directed by Nishanth Doti, Produced by Mohinish Dasari and Sri
under the banner “Oscillating Mind”. Director of Photography : Amar, Music : Arun Chiiluveru, Lyrics by : Sri Siraag Editing: Praveen Kolla.

Telugu Songs

Assistant Directors : Srikanth Kanna, David, Giri Yeshwanth, Kalyan

Cast and Crew Details :
Cast: Kumar Kasaram, Vaishanvi Chaitanya, Srujana Sagar, Sanath Bhupathi, Satish Saripalli, Bharathi, Swapna Dande, Sai Sree, Giri Yesvardhan.

Kumar Kasaram: Famous short film protagonist who starred in popular telugu short films like Kshanam Oka Yugamey,O Cheli, Love Bytes Web Series, Btech In 6 Years, Chandaname Pachadaname,
UnMarried, O Chelli, Taatha Gaari Patha Radio, Herione Inka Dorakaledu, Maa Nanna etc

Vaishanvi Chaitanya: Upcoming Telugu actress who has featured in several popular Telugu short films and cover songs . Popularly known for`her work in Kshanam Oka Yugamey, O Cheli,
My Innocent Boyfriend, The Software Engineer, Rachabanda – Friendship.

She also starred in Cover Songs: Samajavaragamana from the movie Ala vaikuntapuramlo, 96 Cover Songs, Undiporadhey, Priyathama, Manasa oka megham, Prema Vennela, Mella Mellega cover song,
Maate vinadhuga from the movie Taxiwala, Abba nee tiyyani Debba Cover song from Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari, Priyathama, pachtaoge.

Nishant Doti: Young, energetic and innovative director known for his famous short film “Kshanam oka Yugamey” having 2 Million views.

Arun Chiiluveru: Arun Chiiluveru also known as Super Guitarist has scored the music for the song. He gave popular instrumentation music for the songs from famous Telugu Movie Baahubali,
guitar cover for “Adiga Adiga” from nani starred ninu kori which is having 2.6 Million Views.

He also works for famous Telugu film music directors like Devi sri prasad, SS Thaman & MM Keeravani.

Satish Saripalli: Popularly known as “youtube father”. He has potrayed father characters in several telugu web series and channels like Pakkinti Kurrodu, Bumchik Babloo & Wirally.

Srujana sagar: Popular Tik Tok Influencer.


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